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SIB 2019 Mileage Club
SIB 2019 Mileage Club
SIB 2019 Mileage Club
SIB 2019 Mileage Club

SIB 2019 Mileage Club

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The SIB Mileage Club is an online community that supports and inspires each member to accomplish a self-selected yearly mileage goal.  Four levels of mileage goals are available so you can pick a goal that’s right for you – choose from 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 miles.  Your 2019 membership in the SIB Mileage Club includes:

  • An EPIC swag box delivered to your doorstep at the beginning of the year ($120 value!)
  • 25% discount on all 2019 races and events
  • Access to our own private Strava and Facebook communities
  • Monthly check-ins that include motivation and education to crush your goals
  • A supportive, non-competitive group of rad women with goals in life and on the road
  • Finisher’s jacket and medal upon completion of your mileage goal!
    • Your membership allows you to participate in our 2019 races virtually (yes, this is the only way to do our events virtually!)
    • Option to add a Summer Swag Box *exclusive to Mileage Club Members only (**See the Deluxe SIB Mileage Club)
      • Includes tank top, goodrs, and a hat
    • All members will receive a specialized Mileage Club bib at our events
    • Opportunity to take part in lifestyle challenges ranging from gratitude, to writing, to nutrition, and more!
    • Access to 5k, 10k, and 10 miler training plans